I placed my order on 2.27.13. The order did not ship out until 3.4.13.

I emailed them 3 times, never got a reply. I had to call to get my tracking number and the lady said i'd get an email with the tracking number too but i never did. I called the number on Monday at 8:38PST and per their website, customer service is open M-F 8:30am-5pm PST, I got an automated machine stating they werent open yet.

By far the worst WORST online shopping experience in my whole entire life. This is the first review i have ever posted.

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dont shop there or give them your business. i work for them (not a good company to work for btw, no internal loyalty and little promotional opportunity) and we receive 2-5 phone calls per day about a mishap with online orders.

from double and triple charges, to not answering corporate number, to never receiving items.

and not to mention how many chemicals are on them because of the low price and where they come from. more expensive than forever and h&m too.

Dallas, Texas, United States #618820

Hi, if you go to the UPS website and click on the tracking tab, there should be a tab that says track by reference number put your ORDER number in there and you should be able to track your package this way. This is how I had to track mine bc I never got a tracking #. I hope this helps.

to Anonymous #625127

Thanks so much for the tip! I emailed them 3 times, and never got a response. I was starting to think they were just going to take my money and run!

Ronkonkoma, New York, United States #618727

Let us know if and when you get your items ladies. You have helped a lot. I found a cute dress I want to order for graduation (in August) but I"m really scared to order from them, so let us know if you actually do get what your ordered or not :upset

Jamaica, New York, United States #618637

That is so funny you say that, I had the same problem and I kept calling and I thought it was me. The costumer service is too horrible. I like the clothes

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