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I don't live anywhere near this store. I found it advertised in a magazine and logged on to the stores site.

I saw a few cute items and ordered them. My order came to about $60. It's been a week and I've gotten one email confirming my order. No notification of shipment or anything.

I contacted the support portion of the company and am still waiting for a reply.

This is extremely unprofessional and I'm not the only one who's had issues with this company according to other reviews. If this store wants to continuing operating, they should probably stop slacking and become an efficient business.

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Rochester, Minnesota, United States #626584

yea they are very unprofessional. I really don't know why they made such a big deal about me writing a different billing address.

my friend told me that when she used a different billing address that was put in for her debit card she still received the stuff anyway and nothing was difficult for her.

But love culture realllly sucks. have you ever had trouble with using a different billing address that is different from your card address?

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